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Oral hygiene consists of brushing and flossing your teeth as well as rinsing your mouth. But did you know you can further improve your oral health by using a tongue scraper? Well, it’s true. In fact, tongue scrapers can help you and your smile in more ways than you might realize. To help you understand a little more, Dr. Blake Dayley and our dental team are happy to explain the benefits of tongue scrapers in Boise, Idaho.

First, tongue scrapers can eliminate as well as prevent bad breath. Bad breath, which is also known as halitosis, comes from the bacteria that lives on your tongue. If you clean the surface of your tongue with a tongue scraper often, the bacteria will be removed and you can have the fresh breath you are looking for.

Second, tongue scrapers can add flavor to your food. Unfortunately, your taste buds can become blocked if you fail to remove the bacterial film on the surface of your tongue, which can result in your inability to taste food. So, when you use a tongue scraper, the pores will be opened and your taste buds will be exposed.

Third, tongue scrapers can save your oral health. The bacteria and germs on your tongue can promote and create dental problems, like cavities, plaque buildup, and periodontal disease. But, if you scrape your tongue on a regular basis, you can prevent these dental issues and save your oral health.

Now that you know the benefits of tongue scrapers, it’s time to start using one in your oral hygiene routine! If anything, it’s best to scrub your tongue with your toothbrush after you’ve cleaned your teeth. This can provide the same results. For more information and details, don’t be afraid to call Dayley Family Dental at 208-321-1141 and talk to a member of our dental team. We look forward to telling you all we know about tongue scrapers and oral hygiene!