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Peer pressure can play a key role in shaping your oral health as a teenager. This is because we’re often influenced by our social settings and willing to take risks that otherwise would be dangerous to your health simply to please those around us. This can prove costly for your teeth, which are finally growing into place. Here are some examples of common risks to avoid as a teen:

– As a teen, it is important to make sure your wisdom teeth grow in correctly. If not, minor malocclusions and spacing issues may occur. In addition, it can lead to further tooth decay or infections.

– Avoid unhealthy habits that are often produced out of peer pressure risks including smoking or chewing tobacco and using drugs.

– Exercise caution with any high-risk activities or contact sports you may be partaking in. Ideally, you should be wearing sports equipment in the form of helmets, face masks, or mouth guards whenever possible to lower your risk of oral accidents and injuries associated with blunt trauma.

– Avoid mouth jewelry, including lip and tongue rings. These products can damage your smile in many ways, including promoting nerve damage, choking hazards, infections, chipped and cracked teeth, and oral inflammation.

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