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If you are someone whose nervousness stops them from going to the dentist, we at Dayley Family Dental in Boise, Idaho are here to make you feel comfortable. That’s why we offer nitrous oxide for you and your family. You will feel safe and relaxed during your dental treatment.

What is nitrous oxide?
Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a safe, light, and effective anesthesia inhaled through the nose. Normally, nitrous oxide is reserved for more serious and invasive dental treatments such as extractions and root canals. Nitrous oxide is designed to dull your pain without having to put you to sleep.

How does it work?
When you come into the office of Dayley Family Dental you will be seated in a comfortable dental chair and a small gas mask will be affixed over your nose, through which the nitrous oxide is administered. You will be asked to breathe the gas in deeply for several minutes, and then you will begin to feel relaxed for your treatment.

How will I feel?
You will experience a light-headed, tingly sensation. This is the effect of the nitrous oxide. Some patients also report a feeling of heaviness, but no matter your body’s sensation, you will be relaxed and comfortable during your procedure. After the mask is removed, the effects diminish quickly so you will be safe to drive after the appointment.

For questions about how nitrous oxide can benefit you, please call us Dayley Family Dental in Boise, Idaho at 208-321-1141 today.