Ghosts and Ghouls Aren’t the Only Scary Things Lurking this Halloween

On Halloween, most adults and children will find themselves scared by ghosts, ghoulies, and creepy critters. For the cavity-busters at Dayley Family Dental, what terrifies us, is what happens after ‘goblin’ down all those tasty treats. Candy could wreak havoc on your teeth, so this season, please be aware of the following treats, and plan… Read more »

Tips and Tricks for Halloween Healthy Smiles

Halloween is finally here! The smell of pumpkin pies and cinnamon spices have filled the air. With so many sugary treats at our fingertips, here at Dayley Family Dental in Boise, Idaho, we understand how scary it can be leading your family to oral disaster. That is why our team is happy to give you… Read more »

The Promises Your ADA Dentist Makes to Each Patient

Your dentist is a member of the American Dental Association, which means he makes promises each day to make sure every patient has the best dental experience possible. Those promises are: No. 1: Respect a patient’s wants and needs You have the right to be involved in every decision about your treatment. This means he… Read more »

Pregnancy: How it Affects Your Teeth

Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? If so, you’re probably expecting a number of changes, but did you know that your teeth may change as much as your body? During pregnancy, your body releases many hormones for the health of your unborn child. However, due to these hormones, you’ll be more likely to… Read more »