Preventing Cavities If You Have a Sweet Tooth

You have probably heard for years that sugar can lead to cavities. While this may be true, it might not mean that you need to feel extreme guilt if you have a sweet tooth and enjoy a treat every now and then. Even if you have some sugary snacks more frequently than the average person,… Read more »

A Porcelain Dental Crown Mimics the Appearance of Natural Tooth Enamel

When a tooth in the front of your mouth is chipped or suffers from a large cavity, it can affect your mouth in several different ways. On a functional level, the compromised tooth can cause discomfort and sensitivity, which can limit your ability to bite off pieces of food. In many of these cases the… Read more »

Choosing Clear Aligners Over Traditional Braces

Since before the age of dinosaurs, the time-tested way dentists have straightened teeth is with traditional wire and bracket braces attached to the fronts of the teeth, and then tightened incrementally until the teeth are pulled into alignment. They have been very extremely effective over the years and are still in use today for the… Read more »

Oral Health Quiz: Tooth Restorations

How much do you know about repairing your teeth? The truth is you probably know very little about your options available to repair any damage that may have occurred your teeth. Because dental damage is extremely common whether through erosion or oral accidents, it’s important to speak with your dentist to determine your exact damage… Read more »

Can a Lip Ring Hurt My Teeth?

Are you thinking about getting an oral piercing? Did you know that this sign of self-expression can also pose significant health risks to your dental and overall health? While many people have these piercings, we believe that you should know the risks involved before you get them. Our mouths are naturally full of bacteria and… Read more »

Are You a Baseball Player? Avoid These Behaviors for a Healthy Smile

Baseball is a great sport. In fact, it’s America’s favorite past time! But that doesn’t mean everything about it is great. In fact, there are baseball behaviors that can harm your smile and negatively affect your oral health. Our dentist, Dr. Blake Dayley, encourages you to avoid those behaviors so you can maintain strong and… Read more »

Oral Health Happiness: Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

Is your smile ready for optimum oral health? Have you taken the time to implement new and effective ways to build a better smile? If you haven’t already done so, it is important to think about alternative ways to enhance your oral health care. The first thing you should consider altering is your diet. This… Read more »

Outlining the Basics of Teenage Dentistry

                                                   Peer pressure can play a key role in shaping your oral health as a teenager. This is because we’re often influenced by our social settings and willing to take risks that otherwise would be dangerous to your health simply to please those around us. This can prove costly for your teeth, which are… Read more »

Check With Your Dentist Before Using a Tooth Whitening Product

Dental stains that affect the appearance of your teeth can be embarrassing and frustrating. Many people with discolored teeth might think that experimenting with retail tooth whitening products is a great idea. Many teeth whitening products evoke confidence in their effectiveness through persuasive marketing claims. Unfortunately, most of these products overpromise and underdeliver. Oftentimes, they… Read more »

Protect Your New Dental Filling With Proper Care

An untreated cavity will only get worse and can lead to the need for root canal therapy if the decay reaches the center of your teeth. It’s important to have a dental cavity filled as soon as possible to avoid tooth abscess and extensive dental treatment. A dental filling can often repair a cavity, but… Read more »