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Whether you believe it or not, there are certain types of food that can help your smile. These are called tooth-healthy foods. If you want to keep your smile in top-notch condition, it’s best to keep up on oral hygiene, visit Dr. Blake Dayley every six months, and eat tooth-healthy foods as much as possible. To help you know a little more about these foods, we would like to share some details.

The first foods that can help your teeth are fruits and vegetables. Fruits like apples and vegetables like carrots and celery can help you produce saliva. This helps wash bacteria away from your smile. These foods also act as toothbrushes and they scrape the surfaces of your teeth, cleaning them. They also contain vitamins A and C. These vitamins can enhance the health of your gums.

The second food that can help your teeth is cheese. Cheese is known to lower your risk of falling victim to tooth decay and raise the pH level in your mouth. Cheese also contains calcium and protein, which are nutrients that can fortify your tooth enamel and keep your smile in top-notch condition.

The third food that can help your teeth is yogurt. This is because it also contains protein and calcium. These substances can strengthen the outer shell of the teeth. Yogurt also has probiotics that can push the bad bacteria away from your smile and out of your mouth. This can help you avoid dental caries.

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