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When a tooth in the front of your mouth is chipped or suffers from a large cavity, it can affect your mouth in several different ways. On a functional level, the compromised tooth can cause discomfort and sensitivity, which can limit your ability to bite off pieces of food.

In many of these cases the affected area can be visually unappealing, causing the patient to feel self-conscious when they smile. Without timely treatment the compromised tooth could suffer a severe fracture or a potential infection in the root.

If you have a tooth with chipped enamel or an untreated cavity, you should have it examined as soon as possible by a dentist like Dr. Blake Dayley. After a careful examination, he will present you with an effective treatment strategy designed to restore the tooth’s basic function and prevent further complications.

In many of these cases the tooth’s enamel layer can be replaced with a porcelain dental crown. This special material mimics the appearance and strength of natural tooth enamel. It can be carefully shaded to match the rest of your natural teeth making the treated tooth indistinguishable.

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